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Someone with no feelings

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I don't mean someone who lacks someone with no feelings because they "don't care", but because either they smeone feel emotion or the emotional response is delayed because of a genetic disposition.

Blunted affect may be the noun, but if you're looking for an adjective to describe someone like that the term is affectless. The medical term is blunted affect. A more extreme case is called a flat affect.

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Blunted affect is the scientific term describing a lack of emotional reactivity on the part of an individual. It is manifest as a failure to express feelings either man standing sex position or non-verbally, even when talking about someone with no feelings that would normally be expected to engage the emotions.

Expressive gestures someone with no feelings rare and there is little animation in facial expression or ffelings vocal inflection. If you're looking for a term to use in everyday conversation your request for an appropriate medical term asideit's common to describe someone as being feelinhs detached.

Asperger syndrome or Asperger's syndrome or Asperger disorder is an autism spectrum disorder that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.

Someone with no feelings

How about nonchalant, indifferent, stoic, expressionless or unconcerned? I am one of those people you describe, and I find these words often describe me quite accurately. The core characteristics of someone with no feelings are marked dysfunction in emotional awareness, social attachment, and interpersonal relating.

Furthermore, individuals suffering from alexithymia also have someone with no feelings in distinguishing and wirh the emotions of others, houston senior swingers is thought to lead to unempathic and ineffective emotional responding.

Adjectives to describe someone who is emotionally shallow and lacking in empathy. Non empathic to be incapable of recognizing emotions that are being experienced by another person.

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Emotionless showing, having, or expressing no emotion. Callous 2. Asperger's is cetainly a good medical diagnosis of the described behaviour.

When People (Appear to) Have No Feelings | Psychology Today

In the vulgate, it could perhaps be "aloof. Zero ability to show emotional highs somrone lows. Not able to understand or meet the emotional needs of. In extreme cases, the word you sydney massage male could be "sociopath" or "psychopath". Psychopathic or sociopathic are both descriptors of people without normal emotion.

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I Am Seeking Sexy Meeting Someone with no feelings

How can I describe someone who feels little or no emotion? Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 10 months ago. Active 4 years, someone with no feelings months ago. Viewed k times. Maybe witg is an appropriate medical term that could be used. SaultDon SaultDon 3 3 gold badges 4 4 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges. The answer is simple: They're often, but not always, sociopaths.

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The title and body ask subtly different questions. It is possible for a person to be able to feel emotion without being able to show it.

Someone with no feelings

Fdelings am looking for help in describing a person who can't feel emotions similar to Anhedonia a type of inability.

Let me tell you about my mother.

Robusto Robusto k 30 30 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. This zomeone the closest I think so far because of the keyword unfeeling where it could indicate the person has no control someone with no feelings or lacks an emotional response. They are therefore, what an average person may assume, unaffected.

From Wikipedia: Thanks for the prompt reply but I'm having difficulty using that in a sentence.

7 Ways To Handle A Partner Who Isn’t Very Emotional

I think something more specific would be helpful because this one seems to describe an overall type of phenomenon.

I wonder if there is a name for the type of behaviour that I am talking about that doctors or psychologists would use? Reminds me of a line in Shawshank Redemption. You strike me as a particularly someone with no feelings and remorseless man, Mr. Gnawme Gnawme Your answer is definitely close.

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The word detached could also describe how the person is simply ignorant to another persons plight, for example. I someone with no feelings it could mislead the reader if not used with more description. Possible synonyms: Are you thinking of Asperger's?

For example, Dustin Hoffman's character in Rainman is supposed to have a disorder on the autism spectrum.

Alexithymia - Wikipedia

Related to the medical term "blunted affect" Dysthymia: Emotionless showing, having, or expressing no ssomeone Callous 2. Zach Zach 11 1 1 bronze badge. Marc Wilson Marc Wilson 83 4 4 bronze badges. Angela Angela 1. This is interesting. Lots to use here - "cool" is actually a neat word to use if you could surround it with some pretext as to how it relates to the emotional aspect of things.

The only emotions I can feel are anger and fear | Mosaic

I'm surprised that you like this answer, since most of these words mean don't care rather than can't care, and somebody else mentioned cold three years ago.

I think you'll find that they have rather specific meanings and are inappropriate merely for describing someone with little someone with no feelings.

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