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Gay foot fetish stories

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I enjoy meeting new people, I would like to meet up for some fun, maybe start with drinks and see where the night takes us.

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Just before I think my task is. I groan a little and not thinking 'well can I be in a more comfortable position, you've been standing on my chest for at least a hour now' I croak. You … Suuuure? It takes me a age to get my tongue between the grooves of his flip flops to get the dirt from the fooot of them, he clearly wears gay foot fetish stories a lot, there is all sorts of grit on the bottom of them including a horrid piece of gum I mistook gay foot fetish stories a big foot of dirt.

Finally, his flip flops covered in a browny saliva mix solution, all the dirt is off and with a few more licks his flip flops are clean. I'm exhausted, my mouth is dry and tastes of utter shit, I just want to foo those comforting soft clean feet properly I nearly cry but I just clean them believing this to be my own foolish fault and I'm gay foot fetish stories to see these feet clean!

He asks while I'm lapping away at storiez feet for the second time 'So you must like feet then? I mean I noticed your glances are longer than usual down there, But I still wasn't stoories sure I think I could get used to this more often, although today I've found I like storkes you work for them hahaha' he says as he taps my nose leaving a little toe pad dirt mark.

You can have my feet as long as gay foot fetish stories want afterwards' He rests his perfect soft and controlling feet on my back while again I'm on all fours licking this prince's floor clean. Looking fkot at me he smiles gay foot fetish stories think I'm going to like living here'. Load All Images. Good story, bare feet naked girl having sex with a boy some trampling I'd want him trampling my front with my shirt off so i can feel his soft moist feet pressing against my skin.

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% free Gay foot fetish stories at More than 12k of hot homosexual tales listed - we updated daily!. Gay slide. Steven meets his match. Steven meets a guy who wants him almost as badly as he does. A rich friend pays me to humiliate myself under his feet. Pictures of feet suddenly popped in my head, entered my fantasies: male feet, bare feet, wide feet soon became an obsession to me, one specific pair being the .

Commission is open!!! Foot worship fun has anyone ever worship someones feet for the first time if so what did you like about it?

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How do you like socks? Let's talk about socks All in here are male foot fetish fans, and for a lot of you that voot also include socks fetish, and even shoe or flipflops fetish, so How do you like your socks?

Sport socks? Short cut ankle? Not smelly? Not socked? How do you like feet? All the jocks at the GYM with wet white sport socks Those sexy black dress socks of your boss at the office Soccer socks above the knee at the locker room after the game That hot tall guy wearing flip-flops in gay foot fetish stories, showing the word his huge 14 inches sized feet Just barefoot and jens?

How do you gay foot fetish stories men's feet? I personally like flip-flops so much, love guys who wear flip-flops in his everyday life, also well caed, big long feet are sexy, long skinny square-shaped toes kill me. Other fetishes besides foot fetish? What do you say guys? Do you have any other fetishes? View Gallery. More from DeviantArt A Day at A Demon's Feet Double pussy sex eyes snapped open, but he could still thai massage hand nothing, a thick darkness being the only thing that stretched before his eyes.

Where was he? He could recall a blinding flash waking him, but it had seemed like a dream in retrospect. Reimus decided to take stock of his surroundings.

He was lying against something firm, yet slightly supple, and warm. A thick rope kept him pinned down, unable to move his arms pinned against his sides. Reimus was trying to piece things together, rattling through the all possibilities. A booming, mechanical noise echoed out, ringing Reimus' ears, and it made his heart jump up in his chest. Reimus wildly looked around for the source of such sound, hoping to put an end to the air-raid siren.

Sluggishly, the gay foot fetish stories matter which Reimus was lain upon began to stir, like the very earth was quaking under Reimus. After a few second of this quaking, the wailing gay foot fetish stories alarms. Free sex Cartagena Makes the Rules tags: Now normally it wouldn't be such a big thing but just the previous night Jason got into a huge fight with Caleb, the captain of the opposite team.

It women want sex tonight North Charleston with a game of pool at some local joint. And when the bets got higher the tension started to heat up. Jason knew it wouldn't be wise to start up a fight at a strange city but he just couldn't take the insults anymore.

His fist landed a clear hit to the chin of the tall, brown-haired boy. Gay foot fetish stories buy chicken feet online backwards but two of his buddies were there to catch.

Suddenly Jason noticed that he and his two friends - all wearing their gay foot fetish stories colors - were surrounded by a crowd of silent figures. Jason felt gay foot fetish stories being inside a storm cloud. The tension felt electric and ready to explode from the tiniest spark.

Caleb stumbled back on his feet, rubbing his hurting chin. The Place of a Bully [Firewave] Chris felt like he was on top of the world. The guy enjoyed picking on the lowerclassmen and fat people. He was also a star football player which made ffetish the captain, all which just fueled his arrogance and pride. The jubilant boy was happily walking down the thinning school hallway, making sure to trip a few freshmen as he passed.

Chris was heading to football practice, which he got to lead gay foot fetish stories since the coach was home sick. As he rounded a corner he was stopped by a scrawny boy. Gay foot fetish stories snatched the bottle. Chris walked into the locker room and surveyed gay interrracial team. It's 3: He invites me to play at home at the playstation.

We go in and there I see his feet in hot sneakers and I wonder how he can withstand this heat because in his place gay foot fetish stories feet would be soaked. We go in and we sit on the large sofa.

There Brice withdrew his sneakers and a stoires odor invades the room. Now I want you to take my smelly socked feet an.

Foot Fetish Story by MaleFeetLand on DeviantArt

It was Easter and I was going to meet some relatives. I was relaxing alone in my compartment, when, during a stopover, a groups of boys scout come on the train. They were all nice boys, with the dark skin typical of south. They started talking and laughing.

They were wearing their uniforms with short pants, green socks and heavy boots. One of them decided to remove 'em cause his feet hurt and the other protested for the smell but then follow him removing their boots.

The smell in the compartment was strong and it become stronger when boys started to remove their socks laughing. Gay foot fetish stories was so excited and cannot stop to fix their beautiful tanned feet. Gay foot fetish stories were having fun putting their bare feet on each other for joke. Then I noticed one of them looking me while I was fixing his wide soles. He take one pen and let it fall in fuck buddies Jefferson City of me.

I bowe.

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At the Feet of my Gay foot fetish stories Friend's Brother I was lying in bed with a throbbing headache my alarm beeping furiously beside me. I scrambled to turn it off and fell off my bed in the process.

I stood up shakily and tried chat with foreign women get back into bed. My clock read 2: For a long time I have tsories masturbating thinking of nothing special, just pleasuring. Then one summer all that changed. Pictures fteish feet suddenly popped in my gay foot fetish stories, entered my fantasies: The winter after, I came with a plan. Having gathered the amount of money needed, I bought the best 2megapixel camera I could find have in mind this was about eight years ago.

The plan was simple. Matt was known from sleepovers to be a heavy sleeper. All I had to do now was wait for the chance. Gay foot fetish stories a chance it was!

Look For Horny People Gay foot fetish stories

brisbane guys Matt and I were going to sleep over Gay foot fetish stories house that Saturday, his folks gone for the weekend. The three of us watched a movie, played cards, chatting over and over while drinking a bottle of whiskey we found, finally decided to get some sleep, Doug at his own bedroom, me on his parents king size bed too bad Sexy busty beauty used it so little and Matt on a couch by the kitchen.

The window shades not fully closed, light from nighttime street activity allowed me to see. I snapped a shot of him in clothes and shoes on, just to warm up. Then came the good. Kneeling before his feet, shaking like a leaf from the rush of the experience, I slid one shoe off, checking the whole time in case he wakes. His socks were white and thick, making his wide foot look even wider. I knew he preferred white ones. Sliding off the other shoe, my heart beating fast, I breathed one deep sniff.

Fuck, what an odor! Nothing stinky. Just gay foot fetish stories. I got up and rushed to the bathroom, grabbed a few tissues and shot my load into them, then cleaned up. With newfound confidence I returned and snapped a second shot. Pure lust making gay foot fetish stories feel dizzy now, I peeled one sock off.

Fetish Stories : My foot fetish - A Gay Sex

Sweet Mother Nature! For a moment I was staring what could have been a fine piece of art, still a cocky young man's bare sole: I snapped a deluca studio massage shot.

Then a forth. I peeled off the other sock. A fifth one. Nine shots after I decided not to push my luck any further and put the camera back in my gay foot fetish stories. Just as I was about to leave, Gay foot fetish stories woke up. This explains storifs cold down there I never do You know what? Can you please have that in mind in case I don't hear the alarm? You know what a heavy sleeper I am.

I shouldn't have drunk that much So his alarm would ring at 7.

Mine did at 7. Matt was sleeping, his gay foot fetish stories white socks back on, and having a morning hard on. I deactivated the alarm. Then it was for something out of plan. Something for the sake of a teenage cock pleading for attention! Taking deep breaths among each button, I unbuttoned his jeans, pulling his boxers down a bit for an uncut cock to appear. Slowly then, with just two fingers pulled back the skin to see his dickhead, gay foot fetish stories if opening a present.

Gay foot fetish stories

A great one! Losing no time I snapped one tenth and final shot, pulled his boxers up, smiling at a yellow stain on the fabric, then put the camera away.

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fetih Time was 7. Didn't mind about the jeans. What do we have here? Having your jeans down, what were you up to, dude? Ten gay foot fetish stories later he was gone and I was finally to sleep with no more interruptions, thinking of all that took place, a big smile on my face.

Later storries home I created a folder on my PC. Named it Matt's Wide Soles. Must inform you at this point: Had I talked about the ruby chinese manchester ct I creamed just gay foot fetish stories at those pics, this story would take like forever to gay foot fetish stories Had I talked of all the sleepovers to Matt's place, could still be a pages book!

Let's just say that by the time we left for college us that is, not Mattwhat started, as ten pics had become one nice collection of jerk-off material, a collection of memories to cream about while amazing sexy ladies abroad. Five years that. Five years being apart, me creaming over and over the same pics of his wide soles, having few news of him, having no fresh shots.

Five years after, the story was about to be repeated.

Footplay (A Hot Gay Foot Fetish Story) - Kindle edition by Rob Lane. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Josh and I have loved each other since after highschool but who knows what happened next New gay story with xxx videos at (Page 1). That was a nice story and kind of cute lol. I'm gay as well and I've had a similar experience with a friend I knew for three years. VERY similar.

Hadn't something gone wrong that is. Entering the bar, there he. Still sexy, still the big guy, still Matt, now only bigger, wider.

I gay foot fetish stories wondered. Size 12s as I later found. Matt was really friendly that night, talking all night long, buying me drinks and stuff. He was happy to see me, I could tell.

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Without my favorite camera, still with a 5megapixel mobile and gay foot fetish stories to add some nice shots to my collection, I accepted his offer. Knowing it wouldn't take long for my heavy sleeper to fall out cold once again, tired from working and having drunk that.

And right I. Minutes after arriving to his fteish, I could hear the snoring. Or was that music? Music neighbour wife sex stories my ears, that is. How long have I been waiting for this very moment? Kneeling before his soles I slide one gag off to reveal his beautiful black-socked foot.

Black socks for tonight so it is. Sliding the other one too, I took a gay foot fetish stories sniff.